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Drone Repairs and Maintenance

Get Back in the Sky: Swift and Efficient Drone Repair and Maintenance Services

  • 1 h
  • 20,000 Nigerian nairas
  • OAS Helicopters Maryland Office (Heliport)

Service Description

Breathe New Life into Your Drone: Expert Repair and Maintenance Services for Uninterrupted Flights! EQUIPMENT REPAIR PROCEDURE 1.Drop-off and Diagnosis: Kindly drop off your complete drone unit at our repair center at 1, Mobolaji Bank Anthony Way Maryland Ikeja Lagos This service includes a 20 point diagnostic and maintenance checklist of your aircraft to determine and resolve any and all imminent issues. Repair Service includes: 1.Visual Inspection of aircraft Hull 2.Flight parameters overview and adjustments 3.Inspection of Aircraft landing gear 4.Compass and Sensor Calibration 5.Stress Crack Inspection 6.Aircraft Firmware Update 7.Aircraft Hull, Wings, Landing Gear & Mounts Cleaning 8.Central Component IMU Inspection and Calibration 9.Motor and Propeller Inspection and Cleaning 10.GPS Inspection 11.RTK and Ground Station Inspection and Test (As Required) 12.Electronic Speed Controller Inspection 13.Remote Control Firmware Update 14.Remote Controller Calibration 15.Remote Control Cleaning 16.Cooling System Inspection & Maintenance 17.Battery Update & Test 18.Battery Maintenance, ( MAX 3 BATTERIES) 19.Full Flight Test 20.Camera Video and Picture Test a)Diagnosis is N20000 minimum (nonrefundable/non-negotiable) b)Diagnosis covers test flights, system updates, sensor calibrations and entitles the client to a 90 days warranty on all repairs completed. No diagnosis, no warranty on the service. c)Diagnosis must be payable during the drop off. 2.Upon completion of the diagnosis, an invoice reflecting the cost of the repair will be sent to the client for review and approval. a)Upon approval of the invoice the repairs will proceed. b)Payment towards all repair parts required must be submitted to initiate the repairs.  3.Completion of the repair will be communicated to the client to the end of receiving payment on the balance due on the invoice. a)After payment is completed, client may arrange for pickup of the unit. b)Additionally, live demonstration of the drones functionality can be performed on our testing grounds.  4.Drone units couriered from outside Lagos must be transported via God is Good to Ikeja, Lagos destination. a)All units delivered via a courier service (or individual who does not own the drone) must be accompanied by a hand written and signed note by the client claiming ownership and responsibility for the drone unit. b)Please be advised that a fee of N5000-N10000 may be applicable to packages that require pick up and drop off.

Contact Details

  • 1 Mobolaji Bank Anthony Way, Ikeja, Nigeria


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